My Opioid Recovery

Just like the nervous system helps all parts of the body communicate with one another, My Opioid Recovery (“MORE”) will connect participants experiencing challenges with substance use disorder to service providers within Ohio’s Recovery Oriented System of Care.


MORE helps you and your loved ones find information about risk factors and preventive actions ahead of time.


MORE connects participants directly to service providers so they can receive notification of approval within minutes.


MORE provides support resources for people who are rebuilding their lives after completing their treatment.

Connects Participants Directly to Service Providers

MORE differs from other mHealth apps because it connects participants directly to service providers instead of simply providing them with contact information. When that happens, people are required to place phone calls or travel to a destination without a reservation and risk being turned away. MORE participants submit a treatment request and are notified if they are approved within minutes.

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Harm Reduction

Helpful topics are provided on best practices for disposing of unused medications, approved sources for naloxone, training on its administration and the provision of overdose care.


Overdose Alert

An overdose alert is included that utilizes GPS coordinates to alert police and first responders where an overdose has taken place by someone already on the scene.



“I have four kids. I couldn’t get out of bed unless I popped a pill in the morning. MORE made it easier for me to connect to the treatment I needed.”
“I was taking opiates for chronic pain problems. I felt that they made me feel normal. MORE pointed me in the right direction and now I’m on the road to recovery.
“It can happen to anybody. Never in my wildest dreams did I believe I’d be sitting here saying I started doing heroin at 53 years old. MORE helped me find my way.”


My Opioid Recovery

Get connected to Ohio’s Recovery Oriented System of Care for Prevention, Treatment and Post-treatment services. Don’t delay. Download MORE today.

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